District Spelling Bee Winner - Ramona Lurken-Tvrdik

Congratulations to Ramona Lurken-Tvrdik, who won our district spelling bee yesterday! If you are wondering about the bee, here are a few fun facts...

-The word list is an official word list from Scripps National Spelling bee. Every district in the state uses the same word list. 

-This bee is the first step that could get students all the way to the national bee-the one in Washington DC that is broadcast on ESPN. (That's why we have to use the official word list.) 

-Students are given a sentence, listening to the sentence will help them understand what their word is. Students can also ask for a definition, or to repeat the word.

-The students are called up in a random order (that's why we shuffle the cards), to ensure that words are completely random. (So there is really no way to "rig" the bee.)

The spelling bee is a great event and lets students shine!!