It's always enjoyable to be able to share excellent academic news regarding our students.  Congratulations go out to the following high school students who were recognized by their teachers for their academic efforts for the month of January.  Excellent job!

Art:  Jasmine Hasbrock & Gabrielle Butkowski

Music:  Brianna Maus & Patrricia de la Cruz Ajqui

Phy Ed:  Emily Rieland & Jack Ellering

Spanish:  Hannah Enneking & Luke Braun 

German:  Kathryn Rohe & Reagan Mueller

Social Studies:  Brandon Stalboerger & Natalie Enright

English:  Gracie Schad & Tanner Sand

Science:  Ty Feldewerd & Merary Rangel

Math:  Ava Thelen & Marcus Ethen

FACS:  Hailey Kociemba-Finken 

Industrial Arts:  Noah Mayers