Great Loss

It is with great sorrow that I share that we lost one of our employees this past week.  

Dennis Ritter, a long time employee of the district passed away earlier this week. 

Dennis Ritter drove our handicap bus for the district.  He took great pride in his responsibility to transport students who needed the extra help to get to school everyday.  He would also take the time to develop a relationship with the students that rode his bus. He was greatly missed by his students during his time in the hospital and now his loss will leave a void in their rides to and from school each day. 

Dennis and I would arrive at the school about the same time every morning.  From time to time he would either call me or stop in my office to discuss district related matters or other community related issues.  He cared very much about the district and would always ask what he could do to support our students.  Through his connections in other facets of his life he was able to bring in donations to help students that did not have the financial means to get the resources they needed. 

Our condolences go out to his family.  From what I came to know about Dennis, he was a great husband and family member.  He always cared for those around him.

Greg Winter, Superintendent

Melrose Area Public Schools