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Preschool 1-Transportation is your responsibility. TheTriCAP bus may be an additional option if you live within the Melrose City Limits. TriCAP phone number is 320-251-1612 x 1, or 1-888-765-5597 x 1.

Preschool 2-4 (by 9/1) and 5 year old Transportation Students in the Preschool 2 class may ride the bus to school for the morning class or home from school for the afternoon class, if you live in the Melrose School District. Parents will need to provide transportation after the morning class or before the afternoon class. TheTriCAP bus may be an additional option if you live within the Melrose City Limits. TriCAP phone number is 320-251-1612 x 1, or 1-888-765-5597 x 1
If you child participates in Wrap Around Care, and are age 4 (by 9/1) they may ride the bus two and from school if you live in the Melrose School District.

Patty Stordahl, Preschool Teacher
320-256-5160 x 3427
Stephanie Strusz, Preschool Teacher
320-256-5160 x 4210
Lisa Goerdt, Preschool Teacher
320-256-5160 x 3428
Mikayla Meece, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
320-256-5160 x 4219
Paula Ruoff, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
320-256-5160 x 3106

Little Dutchmen Wrap Around Program

The Little Dutchmen Preschool Wrap Around Program is an option to be at school for a full day. This program allows children to stay in school for the hours of the school day they are not in preschool. Children attending morning preschool class will transition to wrap around care after preschool hours and children attending the afternoon preschool class will start the day with wrap around.

Wrap Around Care is available Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays and some non-school days. We offer Wrap Around care on all regularly scheduled preschool days in Melrose Elementary.

Morning: 8:15 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.     Afternoon: 10:45 a.m. - 2:50 p.m.

Wrap Around cannot accommodate drop-in or varied schedules. Students must attend regularly scheduled days to keep the environment as consistent as possible for all involved. 

All children attending Dutchmen Preschool Wrap Around will eat lunch at school. They have the option to pack a cold lunch or have a hot lunch at school. Hot lunches are offered free of charge.

A healthy snack will be provided by the Dutchmen Preschool Camp Program in the morning and afternoon for all preschoolers and campers.

Registration Fee Payment: Non-refundable $20 per student with a $40 family maximum. Registration is done online through Eleyo.
Preschool Wrap-Around Registration

Preschool Wrap Around Prices

Preschool 2 • 5 half days

Preschool 1 • 3 half days

Preschool 1 • 3 half days/2 full days

$255 per month

$154 per month

$332 per month


Is your child 4 years old and has not yet had an Early Childhood screening?
Register HERE

If so, it is your time to schedule your child's Early Childhood screening!

Melrose Public Schools Early Childhood Screening is a check on how your child is growing and developing.

Early Childhood Screening helps you:
Find out how your child is doing.
Connect you and your child to early childhood programs and other community services. Answer your parenting questions.

What happens during Screening?
Trained professionals will check your child’s:
Vision & Hearing
Health History
Immunization Records
Skills in Thinking
Communication & Language
Large/Small Muscles
Social/Emotional Development

All of this information is important for your child’s continued learning and readiness for future school success. After the screening, you will be given a full report of your child’s learning and growth. Information to support your job as a parent will also be available. Screening is required for entrance into kindergarten. For more information about screening, or to schedule an appointment, please call 256-6010.

If you are concerned that the school does not have proper contact information for you, and your child is between 3 and 4 years old, please call 320-256-6010 to share your current address and your child’s information.

Preschool Screening Coordinator
320-256-5160 x 4210