Update on Murphy~

Murphy will be starting his Obedience Class #2 on Sept. 10th. This is Murphy's final class for "dog training school." During this class, Murphy will need to follow commands without treats. This may be challenging, as Murphy is VERY treat motivated. Murphy will continue to work on perfecting all of his skills and when he is ready, he will take his test for "Therapy Dog International" to become an official school therapy dog.

Murphy has learned so much for a young puppy, and he still has a lot to perfect.  I remind myself daily that he is only eight months old and has done so well.  The two tricks Murphy learned this summer are: rolling over and shaking hands.  He also continues to work on commands: sit/stay, down/stay, heal, walking on a leash (without tugging), stop/come and many more!

This has been such a big learning curve (for both of us 😉) and very rewarding!  Murphy has worked so hard and has been able to experience many new environments this summer.  His adventures include; Dutchmen Explorer's Club, Menards, Walmart, Oak Station, Coborn's, visiting Freddie and Bennie (Lyn’s therapy dog and therapy dog in training), swimming, enjoying pontoon ridesplaying with his two sister pups and visiting friends & family.  Socialization is a key component toward Murphy's training.

Murphy is very excited to start a new year at M.A.E.S.!!

*When you are in the hallway and happen to walk by the W.I.N. room ~ look up!  You will see a new bulletin board with "Murphy's Moments."  Murphy and I will keep this updated so you can see all his new adventures!