The number of COVID-19 cases this past week does show an increase to 30.93  Current projections for next week will show this number will increase again to 44.32.  As you can continue to see in the chart below, the numbers within our district still remain low. 

We are currently seeing numbers we have not seen in a couple of months. Although many adults by now have been vaccinated, those that have not are now susceptible to the virus. Those parents that have been vaccinated can still give the virus to their children. With the weather getting warmer and more social gatherings taking place it is likely the number of people testing positive will grow over the course of the next two weeks. 

We continue to ask everyone to do what they can to keep our students safe and in school. There are only 42 days of school left this year.  Spring activities have started along with the Spring musical.  Let’s do what we can to give all of our students the education they need and the opportunities they deserve. 

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me or any of the building principals.  

 Greg Winter, Superintendent:

Chad Doetkott, High School Principal

Robert Anderson, Middle School Principal

Terryl Pearson,  Elementary School Principal