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Update on Negotiations

We have been in negotiations with our paraprofessional group this past year.  We have reached an impasse recently and both the School District and the paraprofessional group have agreed to go to mediation at the end of the month. 

The district has offered a competitive package to the paraprofessionals. Along with a salary increase the district has also offered an increase in their benefits package. Our paraprofessionals have one of the most competitive contracts in the region. 

Currently, the paraprofessionals do receive a half hour lunch of which 15 minutes is paid for by the district.  This district’s intent is to make their contract consistent with other negotiated contracts.  Paraprofessionals will still retain their 30 minute lunch and the district is committed to compensating the paraprofessionals for the loss of the 15 minute paid portion of their lunch.

The School District agrees wholeheartedly that paraprofessionals play a vital role in our district.  The School District very much values the hard work and level of professionalism they bring to our district.  Because of this, the end result of our negotiations with our paraprofessional group will reflect our commitment to this group in offering a more than competitive salary and benefits package. There is no intent on the behalf of the district in cutting pay or benefits.  

Melrose Area Public Schools