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Early Childhood Screening

Is your child between 3 and 5 years old?
Melrose Public Schools Early Childhood Screening is a time to check on how your child is growing and developing.
Early Childhood Screening helps you:
*Find out how your child is doing.
*Connect you and your child to early childhood programs and other community services.
*Answer your parenting questions.
What happens during Screening? 
Trained professionals will check your child’s: Vision & Hearing, Health History,  
Immunization Records, Height/Weight/Growth, Skills in Thinking, Communication & Language, Large/Small Muscles, and Social/Emotional Development.

All of this information is important for your child’s continued learning and readiness for future school success. After the screening, you will be given a full report of your child’s learning and growth. Information to support your job as a parent will also be available. Screening is required for entrance into kindergarten.

For more information about screening, or to schedule an appointment, please call 256-5160 x 4324 and ask for assistance. If you are concerned that the school does not have proper contact information for you, and your child is between 3 and 4 years old, please contact Tatum to give her your current address and your child’s information @

Early Childhood Screening 2021-22 Schedule
October 8, November 19, January 17, February 25, March 28
Melrose Area Preschool Rooms/Door 4

Available in English and Spanish

Contact Tatum Holdvogt, 256-5160 x 4324  - with any questions.

For Spanish, please contact Beatriz Munoz at 320-256-5160 ext 3429 or

Register for Screening HERE