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October High School Students of the Month

MHS is pleased to announce the following students who are being recognized for their academic efforts for the month of October 2021.  Congratulations!

Math:  Chris McChesney and Lathan Hinnenkamp

FACS:  Isabella Nathe

Industrial Arts:  Nick Gilk and Jeremiah Wilwerding

Science:  Malachi Piche and Hallie Drossel

English:  Lesly Paramo-Ambriz and Da'Coley Walton

Social Studies:  Tyler Rademacher and Devin Orbeck

Music:  Chris McChesney and Trevor Blonigen

Phy Ed:  Sam Butler and Hannah Hoppe

Spanish:  Brett Hellermann and Timothy Wilwerding

German:  Cole Chellgren and Jasmine Martinez-Botello

Art:  Brooke Klaphake and Jessica Abonce