Reading Dog

Congratulations to the following students on being named an academic student for the month of April in the following areas of study.

MATH: Paige Gruber, Ellie Heller;  FACS: Brooke Finken; IND. ARTS: Cesar Avalos, Luke Braun; SCIENCE: Addison Maus, Faith Rasmussen;  ENGLISH: Daniel Orozco, Liam Osborn; SOCIAL STUDIES: Joe Nienaber, Lauren Dehmer; MUSIC:  Madi Stusse, Lydia Prout; PHY ED: Kaylee Ellering, Jose De Los Santos Morales;  GERMAN:  Jamie Klasen, Lesly Paramo; SPANISH: Gretta Kasper, Olivia Harren;  ART:  Grace Petersen, Kaeden Malchow.

Great work and well deserved recognition!