Chili A

Our Chili Cook-Off Results are IN! There was a tie for 1st Place, each with 14 votes!

Team 2 ~ THE SPICE GIRLS  - Creamy Chicken Chili
-Kari Rademacher
-Lauren Dehmer
-Audrey Peifer
-Preston Karnes
-Maria Ajqui Garcia
-Isaac Thompson

Team 5 ~ LOS FRIJOLES DE MICHOACAN - Abonce's Great Great Great Grandparent's Chili
-Miguel Abonce Garcia 
-Kevin Galicia
-Juan Hernandez Godinez
-Sergio Hernandez Montanez
-Christopher Herrera
-Anthony Montanez Martinez
-Freddy Garcia Raya

Thank you to all who participated! MMMmmmm!